A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is a commonly used type of heat exchanger design that is used in a variety of industries mainly in higher-pressure applications. As indicated by its name, a shell and tube heat exchanger comprises a shell (which is essentially a pressure vessel) with an arrangement of tube bundles inside of it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows around the tubes within the shell and heat is transferred between the two fluids. The tube bundle can be arranged in various configurations to suit your heat transfer needs.



Heat exchanger Servicing

We are fully equipped to meet your heat exchanger servicing and repair demands. This is achieved by proper assessment by experts with combined experience of 50+ years working with heat exchangers and determining the best method of repair.


Our line of chemical formulations are designed to safely remove water scale, rust, lime and other deposits. We use an application specific process to restore your equipment to peak operating efficiency.

Plates & Gaskets

These can be supplied as Plate Packs (plates & gaskets), plates only or gaskets only. Having access to one of Australia’s largest and most diverse product ranges makes Delta T Technologies the ideal supplier to meet all your Plate Heat Exchanger needs.

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